I feel like this now.

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Wordbook? Facepress? and NERIMON!

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I discovered this morning that you can now ‘like’ posts on WordPress! As some of you will know I am a reformed facebook addict so of course I am completely in favour of this developement. YAY!

In other news, I got a great response to my post on Charlieissocoollike (Charlie Mcdonnel) So I decided to continue posting about great YouTubers that I love watching and hopefully you will like them too!

Meet Alex Day, known as Nerimon on Youtube. Alex is good friends with Charlie and they often feature in each others videos. Alex is also a member of the bands Chameleon Circuit and Sons Of Admirals!

Here is the Sons of Admirals video clip for their cover of ‘Here Comes My Baby’

I tried to put in the first video in his Alex reads Twilight series but WordPress didn’t seem to want to… You can still watch it from his youtube page!

Let me know what you think of my blog and what/who I should blog about next by leaving comments! πŸ™‚

Charlie Is Very Very Cool Like!

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Charlie McDonnell, otherwise known as Charlieissocoollike is one of the most famous vloggers on YouTube. He also seems like a genuinelynice and funny guy. Not only does he share my love of all things Potter and Doctor Who, he also has a gorgeous accent and isn’t too hard to look at… πŸ™‚

Here is one of his most recent videos in which he tries to explain Doctor Who for those who are not ‘Whovians’!

Regina Spektor

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Regina Spektor would have to be my favourite singer – I was lucky enough to see her perform live earlier this year and it was the most amazing night of my life! She writes the most beautiful lyrics and melodies… have a listen.

Procrastination, Twitter and the Mighty Boosh!

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Hello Stranger,

You probably haven’t seen anything posted by me. Firstly, because I haven’t posted anything forΒ  a while. Secondly, even when I do post something, no one reads it.

I will write anyway, because the alternative is approaching the dangerously high mountain of homework that I have put off until the very last minute, again.

I just got a twitter account. I didn’t get it because I am vain enough to think that people actually want to read what I write or care when I am doing my homework etc. (I think this blog proves that!). I am one of the others, the stalkers, who use Twitter to see when their favourite celebrities are eating toast, catching the train or making a cup of tea!

I live in Australia but I LOVE most British comedy and comedians. I was introduced recently to The Mighty Boosh by a friend of a friend and fell in love, both with the show and with Noel Fielding (who plays Vince Noir)! Now I may have become SLIGHTLY obsessed with Noel Fielding and then found out he had a twitter account… but dont worry, there are others that I wanted to follow too!

If you actually do want to follow me for some bizzare reason my twitter is missluzlopez and if you DO follow me then it would really make my day!

You know another way to make my day? Leave a comment! πŸ™‚

missluzlopez xox


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My great holiday has now come to an end, school starts tomorrow so now begins the loading of schoolbags up with a ridiculous number of textbooks, trying to get to bed 3 hours before you have been for the last two months, and mentally preparing yourself for the itchy, uncomfortable and tortutous school uniform that will, no matter how hard you try, look ‘cool’ no matter what you do with it.

I shouldn’t be blogging now… I know I shouldn’t start the term with procrastination before school has even started even if I know it will end that way but… what can you do…

I’m particularly dreading the auditions for various music ensembles in the first week :S

So….. this holidays I have:

– Seen movies…. none of them were that great (Except Avatar!).

– Read some AMAZING books!

– Learnt how to ride a vigor – board (Like a Ripstick!)

– Went on an amazing holiday overseas

– Not practiced my saxophone enough

– Was not eaten by a hippopotamus

So, now it’s time for me to face reality and get ready for school, set my alarm, pack my bag and try to fall asleep sometime before midnight…. uh oh!

missluzlopez xox

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I did NOT get eaten by a Hippopotamus

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I was eaten by a hippopotamus

I went to Hogwarts

I made my broadway debut

I went travelling through space and time with the Doctor

OK, so none of that happened, but there IS a good reason that I haven’t blogged for the last six weeks (even if there isn’t a good reason I didnt tell yau about it first!)

I live in Australia and I went on holidays in Europe for three weeks (So while not actually attending Hogwarts i was much closer to it than i usually am!)

I did not tell you, dear blog reader, before i left because…. well, basically it was Christmas and I was really really busy (A bad excuse, I know…)

Sorry that i have not blogged for so long and sorry that my first blog in six weeks has been so boring but I WILL blog again soon!

Please leave a comment (Even though I probably dont deserve them… )

xox missluzlopez